NIKAManager is an online workload management solution designed for operational environments that rely heavily on emails, faxes and spreadsheets in their daily activities, in managing internal workload and communication with external suppliers and partners. NIKAManager offers an alternative, by providing value-added fully customizable services that will increase efficiency and productivity of your team. By using NIKAManager you will gain visibility into your operation, will be able to measure and manage team workload and performance, and obtain timely and relevant information to assist in your daily decision making and management. Give your team the tools they need to be successful and productive!

Featured Benefits

    Central repository of all your data

Since all of your emails, faxes and files are managed in a single place, you will always have the data you need at your fingertips. Everything is logically linked together to the tasks in your team.

    Fully customizable forms

Using a simple interface, you can design the forms your team will use to record and manage tasks. You can decide which fields to use, in which sequence, and in which tabs. You can design sleek and powerful forms in minutes!

    Individual filterable queues

All your team members have their own queues for tracking and managing daily workload. They can filter queues by any designated field and/or date range, and share workload, if needed.

    Custom alerts and escalations

Do you have different suppliers with different response intervals you want to enforce? You can setup custom alerts and escalation rules in minutes, which will in turn drive color-coding in individual queues and keep your team focused!   

    Audit trail & version control

You can specify which data fields to capture a  detailed audit trail for. You can see who updated a field value and when, and what the previous value was. In addition to an audit trail for designated fields, NIKAManager captures full versions of your forms, and detailed update histories - putting you in control of your data.

    Scheduled report delivery

Do you need to report to your suppliers weekly about how you handled their requests, or how many you have received? Do you have any reports that need to be generated every month, or every day? Using our robust scheduler, you can schedule a report to be generated and emailed with any frequency and using any data filters! You can also specify the fields you want to be included in the report.   


Workload Management
Get visibility into your team workload!
If your team receives a lot of emails, and workload is being generated and managed based on a mailbox, it is difficult to see how much work is being done and to measure how effective your team is. If you use NIKAManager you will get invaluable visibility into your business with minimal costs. By using your own custom forms, your team can record incoming emails as tasks (or anything you want to call them) and manage them online - giving you real visibility into the  workload and performance of your whole team and its individual members.
Live and Historical Reports
Get the relevant data you need when you need it!
NIKAManager has rich reporting features, allowing you to generate detailed, as well as live and historical summary reports - and to drill-down to lower levels and find the data you need and answers you are looking for. All of the reports are based on the fields you create - therefore guaranteeing that your reports are always relevant to your business! Use live reports to see how much workload is currently being handled by the team. Using the same report, apply different filters to see workload by user, priority, supplier - or any other field you choose! Click here to view a demo (6 minutes).

Integrated File Management
Manage your files along with the rest of your data! 
All the files uploaded into NIKAManager are associated with relevant tasks and can be easily viewed, emailed and faxed. You can also see the list of files you have uploaded or viewed overtime, and obtain a detailed file distribution history. A simple file search interface will help you find the files you need fast! Click here to view a demo (5 minutes).

See workload organized in customizable calendar!
You may also choose to see your workload presented in a calendar. You can select the data fields to be displayed, decide which date fields you want to apply (for example Required Date or ETA) and filter the calendar view in any way you like. From calendar view, it only takes a click to get to the detailed records and all associated data (emails, faxes, files, notes, etc). Click here to view a demo (2 minutes).

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